Chegg Pricing Overview

  • Chegg Writing: $9.95 per month
  • Chegg Study Chat: $14.95 per month
  • Chegg Study Video Call: $30.00 per month

There are several websites out there offering services to students. From online courses, tutoring services, and discounted textbooks, there is no shortage of help available for those in higher education. Of course, with a student’s busy schedule, who has time to sift through dozens of websites to find exactly what they need?

What if there was a one-stop website offering students educational services saving them both time and money? It’s not just a pipe dream. In fact, many students have already used a site just like this.

Consider a sort of “superstore” for students. A variety of services can help just about any student make it through a difficult semester–or college career.

What Does Chegg Offer?

If you’re a student, Chegg should probably be bookmarked as a favorite in your browser. Why? You can save money, get help with difficult subjects, and even make sure the papers you write are acceptable to even the pickiest professor.

Here are some services offered at Chegg:

  • Chegg Books: Every college student knows textbooks are expensive. Many people just believe it is a necessary evil of education and hand over their hard-earned dollars for books they will only use for a couple months. Chegg books can save you up to 90% on textbooks by renting them. In addition, you could purchased used books. Need a little extra money? Sell the textbooks you already own. Simply enter the book’s ISBN number in the Chegg website and get a quote.
  • Chegg Study: Are you looking for solutions to the questions and problems in your particular textbook? With solutions for over 34,000 textbooks, Chegg can help you gain a better understanding of a course’s content. In addition, you have access to an online study community and 30 minutes of free online tutoring.
  • Math Solver: Stumped with a difficult math problem? Chegg Math Solver can help you understand difficult math concepts like algebra, calculus, matrix operations. The service doesn’t just do the problem for you, it clearly explains how to solve the problem with step-by-step instructions.
  • Tutors: As a student, you will probably struggle with a difficult assignment or course. It’s part of the college process, right? Instead of giving up, why not enlist the help of an online tutor to help you understand and maybe even enjoy the subject? Chegg offers a range of tutoring services with 24/7 availability. Don’t wake your best friend up in the middle of the night…get a tutor from Chegg.
  • Writing: The dreaded research paper. Despite how much you outline, fact check, and revise, there are bound to be some errors you overlook. Especially if you’re revising at 3 AM the day before it is due. What if you had an easy way to make sure your papers were grammatically correct, free of unintentional plagiarism, and cited correctly? Chegg Write has you covered. 

What Do Chegg Services Cost?

See how useful Chegg can be for your education? Of course, you’re probably reading about these great services and thinking about your struggling checking account and mounting student loans.

Chegg knows college students eat too many ramen noodles. This is why they make their services affordable and easy to use.

Let’s take a look at some of the prices.

For the simpler services such as Chegg Math Solver, Writing, and Study you can expect to pay a monthly fee which you can cancel at anytime. The prices are as follows:

Service Price Plan
Chegg Math Solver $9.95/month See Plan
Chegg Writer (with EasyBib Plus add-on) $9.95/month See Plan
Chegg Study $14.95/month See Plan

Chegg Tutor has a slightly different pricing plan with a variety of options.

Minutes of
Weekly 30 30/week $15 per week
Weekly 120 120/week $48/week and $0.40
per additional minute
Monthly 60 60/month $30/month and $0.50
per additional minute
Monthly 240 240/month $96 per month and $0.40
per additional minute
Pay-As-You-Go As many
as needed
$0.75 per minute with
no additional charges

Too rich for your blood? There are alternatives to Chegg. You can also take them for a test drive with Chegg’s free trial offering.

If you’re a college student, Chegg is definitely worth checking out. From help with a simple paper, to extensive guidance in a subject keeping you up at night, you can find a service that will help with your education. You can read our Chegg review here.