Chegg offers several services for students who need a little help with their education. In addition to renting or purchasing used textbooks, you have a wealth of resources at your fingertips for a reasonable price. This includes help with math problems or reviewing papers. With Chegg, you can even get a tutor that fits your busy schedule. Most services are affordable for even the most cash-strapped college student.

With the wealth of services available on Chegg, you may be wondering if it is worth checking it out. Some services have mixed reviews while others seem to need a little more work and development.

Chegg Books

One of Cheggs main services is allowing students to rent or purchase used textbooks. You simply but in the books ISBN number and see what is available to you. Some students have found this service very helpful and even saved quite a bit of money. In addition, they got their books quickly and in good condition.

Unfortunately other students didn’t have such a pleasurable experience. Some students have received the wrong textbooks or books in poor condition. In addition, some students claim they were selling back books in excellent condition only to find out Chegg rated the books’ condition as damaged or poor.

Chegg Tutoring

As with Chegg Books, some students were very happy with the quality and availability of their tutor. They found a tutor when they needed one most and were able to get help with assignments or difficult subjects. In fact, positive reviews showed some tutors had a genuine interest in helping others.

On the flipside, other students were not impressed with the quality of their tutor. Some even felt the tutor did not give them suitable information. In addition, a handful using tutoring services also commented on improper billing to their account.

What You Need to Know About Using Chegg Services

One of the recurring themes of unfavorable Chegg reviews was the customer service and billing. Some users had surprising bills added to their credit card. Others continued to have to pay for services even when they thought they cancelled them.

If you start using any of Chegg’s services, you need to be fully aware of the billing and terms of service. This may help you get a better idea of why and when you are charged. This is especially true if you sign up for one of Chegg’s free trials.

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Chegg had 219 complaints closed in the last three years with 75 closed in the last twelve months. A majority of these issues dealt with billing/collections, problems with a product or service, and advertising/sales.

Using Chegg: The Bottom Line

While Chegg claims to have affordable, helpful services for students, it seems billings and issues with products and services leave something to be desired. Some people have used Chegg and were satisfied by the experience. Others have no problem venting their issues on several review sites. Sometimes they seem outright angry for even trying the site.

If you plan to use Chegg, make sure you do your research. Review the cancellation policies and check out your credit card statement each month. Study the terms of service. If necessary, seek alternatives so you aren’t wasting your time trying to sort out your issues with customer service. 

Since Chegg is a global company with over $250 million in revenues, it is understandable that a fraction of customers may experience problems. And, of course, those that tend to leave reviews often do because they are unsatisfied with some aspect of the experience.  Students using Chegg that find it helpful may not even consider writing a review due to their busy schedules. That being said, the number of unsavory reviews is enough to raise an eyebrow and consider Chegg alternatives.