Does the word “test” make you squirm and break out in cold sweats? Many students spend hours cramming for the SATⓇ, ACTⓇ, GMATⓇ, and other important tests still feeling dread when the big day arrives. They pour through books or random websites hoping the information will actually be helpful.

Let’s take a simple test. One question. No wrong answers.

The night before a big test would you rather:

  • (A) Toss and turn all night hoping you reviewed and practiced everything you might encounter the next morning.
  • (B) Sleep peacefully feeling confident you are prepared for the test that can significantly impact your life.

Which answer did you choose? Seems like a no-brainer, right?

What if you had an opportunity to test with confidence? Instead of hoping you did your best to prepare, you had a structured opportunity to succeed with expertly-taught video lessons and plenty of practice questions.

Magoosh can give you that much-needed night’s rest before a big test. Ready to learn how?

How Magoosh Works

Using Magoosh is simple. Find that next big test that is keeping you up at night and sign up for a plan. Magoosh offers options for proactive students and procrastinators.

Magoosh has helped over 1.5 million students with tests including:

  • GRE®
  • GMAT®
  • SAT®
  • LSAT®
  • ACT®
  • Praxis®
  • MCAT®
  • IELTS®
  • TOEFL®

Once you choose your plan, you have access to a variety of resources on your computer or mobile device. This includes video lessons taught by experts, practice questions, and flashcards. You can access these resources anytime, at your own pace.

Magoosh is designed for busy students needing to sneak in a practice session when time allows. It is perfect for those who prefer to study at their own pace and learn better by watching video explanations.

Each test preparation plan offers video lessons by expert tutors, email support when you need a little extra help, practice tests, and the ability to track your progress. In fact, some plans offer an intuitive dashboard that estimates your score and compares your pace with other students based on your progress.

In addition, the study schedules include a list of recommended materials to view as well as daily or weekly checklists. Those that love crossing out things on their “to-do” list will find the study schedules very motivating. 

What Magoosh Costs

Let’s take a look at the cost breakdown of some of the more popular test programs:

Test Cram CourseFull-Length PrepScore Increase Guarantee
SAT®$39 (1 month)$99 (for 12 months)+100
ACT®$79 (1 month)$99 (for 12 months)+4
LSAT®$129 (3 months)$149 (for 12 months)+5
TOEFL®$49 (1 month)$89 (6 months)+4
MCAT®$79 (1 month)$99 (12 months)+10

Unlike some online learning platforms, Magoosh doesn’t keep your credit card information. You pay the fee for the plan you want without having to worry about auto-renewals being charged to your credit card while you are busy studying for your next big test.

Worried about spending your hard-earned cash? Magoosh offers a 7-day money back guarantee. Simply email them and get your refund. No strings attached. In addition, if you don’t increase in your test score according to the course’s guarantee, Magoosh will also refund your money. That certainly speaks volumes about Magoosh’s confidence in teaching you.

Some test preparation courses could cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Given the affordability of Magoosh’s many plans, it is certainly worth checking out.

Get Started Securing Your Future Goals Today

The longer you put off getting test preparation assistance, the more stressed out you may become. Instead of being one of those people watching the sun rise after a night of (hopefully) studying the right material, why not see what Magoosh has to offer you? Learn more by reading the Magoosh review here.