Are you creative? Do you want to learn more cutting-edge ways to express your ideas? Skillshare may be a great option. This affordable subscription service give you access to over 25,000 classes taught by creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and other innovators in the business, tech, and design fields.

With over 4 million registered users, Skillshare has definitely proven itself a worthy competitor in the online learning industry. So what do these users think about this service? Is it worth your time and money? See what others are saying.

What People Like About Skillshare

Many people who review Skillshare comment on the variety of courses available. They find the classes engaging, interesting, and a great way to learn new skills to harness the power of their creativity. Classes can include anything from 3D illustrating, graphic design, structuring a business, creative writing, and painting. If you have a creative muse, chances are you can find a way to improve it on Skillshare.

A large number of people also like the affordability. There are both free and paid subscription options. The Free Membership has a limited number of classes. The Premium Membership, that costs $15 a month (or $99 a year if you choose to renew annually), gives you complete access to the over 25,000 courses. This is unlike some other online learning platforms that charge you per course.

Are the courses worthwhile? Many comment that they found the courses very useful for their personal and professional development. Students can rate the courses they took to help give others insights about choosing a course.

What Can Be Improved About Skillshare

While having over 25,000 courses can be an asset, some find it difficult to navigate the site and find the perfect course based on their wants and needs.

Some individuals complain about being charged without any notice. They may sign up for a free trial then find their credit card charged without warning. While reviewing the policies of membership may be helpful in preventing this, quite a few people wished they had a little warning before they were charged.

While many people commented that they loved the classes and were good quality, some students felt there was a little more to be desired. This, of course, would depend on the particular class, since many different instructors contribute to the site. Some students wish there was a more thorough overview of the class offerings before they decided to take it.

Another drawback of Skillshare is the lack of credentialing and certifications. The courses are not a typical classroom structure with regular quizzes and learning assessments. Skillshare doesn’t offer proof you completed the course. Instead, it focuses on helping people learn new practical skills in their fields. If these are deal breakers for you, you can check out some Skillshare alternatives here.

The Bottom Line

Is Skillshare right for you? It depends on what you are looking for. If you want an affordable online learning platform with lots of options to develop skills, you should at least check out the free trial period.

If you’re looking for an online degree or other certifications, Skillshare isn’t the answer. Of course, professionals or those looking for a creative side-hustle may not need paperwork to prove they completed a course. They just need the skills and tools to do their best creative work.

Make sure you read the fine print about billing so you don’t get any “surprises” like others who signed up for the free trial.

At $15 a month (lower if you choose to renew annually) Skillshare can practically pay for itself when you apply what you learned to your chosen profession. Business, technology, and creative outlets change constantly, so having unlimited access to a growing number of courses for such a low price can certainly be beneficial.