As online learning continues to grow, it’s no surprise websites offering tutoring services are becoming popular. After all, everyone struggles with a subject from time to time. Getting a little extra help could be the difference between giving up and finally understanding a concept.

In the past, people found tutors through school, libraries, community organizations, or by word-of- mouth. While you may hear about a great tutor through these avenues, it may be difficult to find one for a particular subject or that can work around your busy schedule. The internet makes finding a compatible tutor with the availability you need easy.

Skooli is one popular website connecting students with tutors. While some tutoring services use students or uncertified tutors, Skooli wants to connect you with board-certified teachers and experts in a particular subject. Skooli offers tutoring services for just about any student—from grade school to college–either online or in person. It’s free to sign up and start searching for a tutor.

How Does Skooli Work?

After signing up, you simply search for a subject, choose your tutor, and schedule a lesson. Using the Skooli platform, you can easily request a live tutoring session or start a chat with a potential tutor while viewing his or her profile page. The profile page clearly shows the tutor’s education and certificates. It also shows if the tutor completed a criminal background check and provided the necessary identification. In addition, you could see ratings from other students that used the tutor. Since each tutor has unique abilities, you could also see what subjects he or she is qualified to teach.

Skooli offers help with the following subjects:

  • Math
  • English
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Study Skills
  • Economics
  • Spanish
  • Geography
  • And so much more!

In addition to a variety of subjects, students can also get help with test preparation, such as the ACT or SAT exams. Students may also connect with a tutor to get help with college application essays.

You probably know what a typical in-person tutoring session looks like. What about online tutoring? Skooli offers several features for those preferring the convenience of online tutoring. When you use Skooli to get online help, you could expect:

  • Video communication so you could see your tutor
  • High quality audio so you could easily understand your tutor
  • A digital whiteboard where you can write, draw, and type with your tutor
  • Instant messaging for easy chatting
  • File sharing for documents like essays, tests, and diagrams
  • Easy access to tutoring sessions using your computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • The ability to replay your tutoring session so you could review it at any time

Skooli tutors seek to deliver a personalized learning experience. They take into account you or your child’s unique learning abilities and challenges so they can create effective tutoring sessions.

Since there are tutors available any time of the day or night, you can easily find someone who is willing to work around your hectic schedule. You can schedule weekly sessions or find someone ready to help when you’re struggling with a particular lesson, assignment or upcoming test. Even late at night!

What Does Skooli Cost?

Pricing for Skooli is simple. You pay for the time you use your tutor. There are no subscriptions or monthly payments. In addition, there are no hidden or transaction fees. Just one simple rate no matter what tutor or subject you choose.

Rates are as follows:

Session LengthCost
1 hour$49
30 minutes$24.50
Pay as you go (per minute)$0.82

If you seek help for your child’s elementary subjects or are a graduate student facing a difficult assignment, the price is the same. Only pay for the tutoring time you need.

While some sites may have cheaper rates, they may use college students as tutors. Skooli screens each tutor to make sure they are experts in the subjects they are willing to teach.

You Can Get Help Right Now!

Getting started with Skooli is easy and quick. Even if you need help with a subject tonight, you can find someone willing to help. You can read our Skooli review here.