Online learning continues to boom. Students and life-long learners are discovering the benefits of online courses. After all, online learning is often a cheaper, more convenient way to develop interests and build new skills for personal or career development.

It’s not just eager minds that reap the benefits of online learning. A recent report states by 2022 e-learning platforms could generate revenues upwards of $241 billion. Yes, billions of dollars. If you’re an instructor that can provide valuable educational content, you may be able to get a little extra money in your pocket or even make online learning your main source of income.

Did that get your interest? We thought so.

So how can you use your skills and knowledge to develop an online course? Teachable may be the answer. After all, the Teachable platform has over 62,000 instructors online earning a total of more than $259 million. Ready to get started?

What is Teachable?

Are you seeking an online platform that makes creating and selling a professional-looking online course easy? Let’s face it, a lot of people don’t have the computer literacy to set up a website geared towards online teaching. The fear of the unknown can keep them from creating a useful online course with a high earning potential. With a few clicks, Teachable can set you up with a fully functioning online school. This includes learning management, sales and marketing tools, and payment gateways. No coding is required.

You provide the videos, presentations, audio, text, and images. Teachable helps integrate these uploads into a course for your students. In addition, you can easily create quizzes and begin discussion forums for you and your students to communicate. As an added bonus, your course can also include a certificate when students complete the class. Many students find this helpful to share what they learned with potential employers and other interested parties.

Still unsure? Teachable even offers periodic webinars that can get you started creating your online school.

What Does Teachable Cost?

If you are interested in seeing how Teachable can easily get you started creating an online course, you can start for free. That being said, you don’t have all the features of the paid plans. The free plan allows for unlimited video, courses, students, and hosting. In addition you get integrated payment processing and the ability to create basic quizzes and discussion forums. If you choose to set up a free course, you won’t be charged any fees.

Paid plans offer more options and perks. Here is a quick look at the Teachable paid plans.

Basic Plan

Ready to get started creating your first course with some training and support? The Basic Plan allows you to dip your foot into the Teachable platform’s waters to see if it is right for you. In addition to the base features, you have the opportunity to create coupon codes, integrated affiliate and email marketing, get custom domain support, and have two administrator-level contributors. There will be a 5% transaction fee when someone purchases your course or subscription.

Professional Plan

With the Professional Plan, there are no transaction fees. In addition, this popular plan allows you to make graded quizzes and offers better theme customization. If you work with others creating courses, you can add up to five administrator-level contributors. You also get advanced reports about your courses, students, and the success of your upsells. The professional plan also includes the ability to create course completion certificates for your students.

Business Plan

Those with the aspiration of creating a large online learning platform with Teachable may benefit from the Business Plan. In addition to no transaction fees and instant payouts, you can have up to 100 administration-level users helping with your online school. In addition, you have priority product support, bulk student enrollments, and manual student imports. Since you will probably have several people contributing to your courses’ content, you can customize each users’ roles to your school.

So what does Teachable Cost? Here is a breakdown.

PlanMonthly Plan (Paid Monthly)Yearly Plan (Paid Annually)

You worked hard to build the skills and knowledge to excel in your career or topic of interest. Isn’t it time you explored ways to earn extra income? Consider checking out Teachable. If you want to learn more, check out our Teachable review. If you are looking for other options, take a look at these Teachable alternatives.