Have you ever thought of using your knowledge and skills to create an online course? After all, more and more people are turning to the internet to learn and grow personally and professionally. Why not use this for your benefit?

Do you believe you can create an online course others would find valuable? Maybe you’re not sure where to start. After all, doesn’t making an online course involve dealing with complex computer coding, setting up payment processing, and making a website that looks professional and drives people to your online course?

It may not be as hard as you think. Teachable seeks to connect knowledgeable instructors with those eager to learn. If you can create content helping others learn, Teachable can help you do the rest. Simply upload your videos, documents, images, and audio and use the Teachable platform to make a course that can help others while putting some extra cash in your pocket.

Sounds easy enough? Teachable has over 64,000 instructors online offering all sorts of topics like business, personal development, health care, technology, hobbies, and just about anything else you could imagine.

So what do these instructors think of the Teachable platform? Find out here.

What Instructors Love About Teachable

Many users comment just how easy it is to set up their online course. Even those who aren’t tech-savvy find the Teachable interface intuitive and simple. Teachable’s “drag and drop” builder takes the guesswork out of creating courses. Why is this beneficial? Instructors can focus more on the content of their course than trying to figure out how to present it. Since there are many options to customize, you can make the course look as unique as the content you present.

Most users also find the price point appropriate considering the features. While some many think the monthly (or yearly) costs may be a little steep, the potential to earn from creating a great course far outweighs the investment.

One perk some people on the Professional and Business Plan find appealing is the assistance for marketing your course. After all, people can’t take a course if they don’t know it exists. Teachable provides templates for sales pages which peaks a potential student’s interest and, ultimately, gets them to enroll.

Teachable users also find the customer service and support very good. And let’s face it, anyone using online platforms for anything can easily be discouraged by the lack of or low quality customer service available.

What Can Be Improved About Teachable?

While sifting through the many positive reviews, of course some people will have issues or concerns. Compared to some online platforms, these issues are relatively mild.

Some of those who choose the Basic Plan feel it takes too long for them to get paid. In addition, they feel the 5% transaction fee is a little steep. Of course, those with the Professional or Business Plans don’t have to deal with these issues.

Some individuals report long uploading times of videos and other large files. In addition, those who want more than the average customization may be disappointed, especially if they don’t know web page development or coding. If these points are of concern, check out these Teachable alternatives.

The Bottom Line

For those who considered creating an online course but weren’t sure where to begin, Teachable can be an excellent resource. Almost across the board, instructors praise Teachable for being easy to use for them and their students. Those with little tech experience may be surprised just how easy it is to create a unique, functional, and professional-looking course. With the added features of the paid plans, you take a lot of extra headaches out of the course creation, promotion, and payment process. Teachable is certainly a viable option for enlightening others and making some extra income.