Online learning continues to gain popularity. And, frankly, it’s no surprise. Students of all ages and walks of life get the opportunity to develop skills, advance their careers, and even explore new interests from the comfort of their home–or favorite coffee shop.

As you know, online learning is much more convenient than attending a more traditional school or community college. After all, you’re not dealing with commutes, rigid schedules, and the mad dash to find a good parking spot. Did you know online learning can actually save you lots of money?

Online learning platforms like Udemy make education affordable. As a result, you’re not paying for expensive conferences, seminars, or the dreaded student loan payments. You may even find some pretty great deals on high quality classes.

Are you ready to find out how online learning can give you the skills to improve your life? Do you wonder what it may cost you? Use this guide to learn how Udemy can provide real-world knowledge for a fraction of the cost of traditional school settings.

What is Udemy?

According to their website, Udemy is the leading global marketplace for learning and instruction. They seek to connect eager learners with skilled, knowledgeable instructors. Are they living up to this lofty aspiration? The numbers don’t lie.

Udemy reaches 30 million students with over 100,000 courses spanning all types of subjects including business, marketing, IT & software, health & fitness, and academics. With over 190 million course enrollments, it’s easy to see how people all over the world are using Udemy to better their lives and pursuits of knowledge.

Udemy courses are managed by a dedicated instructor. The foundation of courses involves video, slide, and text lectures the instructor uploaded. Instructors also have the ability to add quizzes, practice tests, and a variety of assignments. 

Want to know a big advantage of Udemy? You could enroll in a course at anytime and learn at your own pace. There are no deadlines for completion. In fact, after you complete the course you still have the ability to access it to review information.

Note that Udemy is not an accredited institution–meaning you will not earn college credits or a degree. That doesn’t mean, however, you don’t have access to a wealth of information that will propel your career. After you complete an approved course, you will earn a certificate of completion which may be useful at your job or to potential employers.

Getting Started with Udemy

Ready to start learning now? It’s easy with Udemy. You could easily set up an account and browse the categories for a class that resonates with you. Want a little extra help finding courses that interest you? Simply answer a few questions and Udemy provides a list of courses to suit your needs.

Udemy accepts many major credit cards as well as Paypal, Google Play, and Apple App store for payments. While there are features enabling those to use mobile devices, you get the most benefits from taking classes from your web browser.

What Does Udemy Cost?

At Udemy, you purchase the classes you want. Then, you learn at your own pace and complete it as time allows in your busy schedule. The price of classes vary. Sometimes Udemy offers sales or discounted deals to make online courses more affordable. For example, a recent Udemy offer allows new users to explore classes for just $12.99. Of course, this is a special introductory offer.

Here is the list price of some of Udemy’s popular classes.

ClassList Price
(Without Discounts)
Students Enrolled
The Complete Cyber Security Course: Hackers Exposed!$119.9995,056
The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course. Your CCNA Start$19.9941,920
Marketing Psychology: How to Become a Master of Influence$199.9914,544
Fast & Effective Landing Page Course: Start Converting Today$49.993,194
Herbalism: Identify & Harvest Wild Medicinal Plants$64.994,617
Value Investing Bootcamp$199.9919,544

This chart only scratches the surface of all Udemy has to offer. It can, however, give you an idea of what non-discounted courses may cost. Given the subject matter, even list price classes can be a good value. If these still sound expensive, here are alternatives to Udemy.

Wondering if a class is right for you? Each class is rated by former students. In addition, you have the option to preview portions of courses. If you’re not satisfied, Udemy offers a money back refund within 30 days of purchase.

Udemy is certainly worth checking out given the vast majority of courses and appealing introductory deals. Why not take a look today? Read our full Udemy review here.