Are you looking to expand your knowledge on a particular topic? Maybe you want to advance your career or explore a personal interest. Have you ever considered online learning?

Why not join the millions of people who are already enjoying the convenience and affordability of online classes? No more commutes, struggling to find parking, or finding a class that fits into your already busy schedule.

Udemy offers over 100,000 courses spanning a variety of topics including design, business, marketing, health & fitness, and personal development. With a little bit of searching, there is no doubt you can find a class peaking your interests.

With Udemy, you purchase classes on-demand. Once enrolled, you complete the class at your own pace. There are no deadlines. After you complete the class, you earn a certificate of completion which may be helpful if seeking continuing education units (CEUs), new employment, or a little extra money at your current job. In addition, you have lifetime access to the course so you can review the information anytime you want.

Sounds pretty great? So what are other users saying about Udemy?

What Users Like About Udemy

Many students complemented the instructors for putting together valuable, informative classes. The many choices for courses allows just about anyone to find something that interests them. Since classes are continually added to the platform, one has the opportunity to access the most recent information on any given subject.

Some students have found the site easy to navigate and access their courses. They find the classes easy to understand with videos, slides, and text lessons. The ability to complete courses at a student’s desired pace was a big advantage for many people with busy schedules. Another big advantage was the ability to take the courses on just about any mobile device.

Students also enjoy the interactive features like discussion boards to connect with the instructors and others enrolled in the course.

Udemy: What Can Be Improved

Initially, many find the introductory rates very appealing. Of course, this is to lure new potential learners to the site. After one spends $10 to $15 dollars on a couple courses, they may be taken aback when they have to pay list price for future classes. The list price for classes varies, but it could be anywhere from $25 to a couple hundred dollars. Udemy, however, also offers free classes. Some students, however, find certain free classes nothing more than an easily found tutorial on Youtube.

Some students have troubles with billing and accessing their course. For example, some reviews talked about purchasing a class and then have no way of starting it. Reviews for customer support are mixed, with many people feeling frustrated and ready to stop using the site.

Udemy: The Bottom Line

As with any major internet company with millions of users, there are going to be satisfied customers and those who went through struggles. Some of the administrative processes of Udemy may need a little tweaking.

That being said, many students agree the instructors and content for several of the courses was at or above what they expected. The ability to learn at your own pace and have lifetime access to a course (as long as it stays on the Udemy platform) is a big advantage.

Some online education platforms require a monthly subscription fee. At Udemy, students only pay for the classes they enroll. This can be very helpful for those with limited time who can only complete a couple classes a year.

With the deep discounts for new users, Udemy is certainly worth checking out. If you like the platform, you never know just how much more you can learn.