Best Wyzant Alternatives

  • Chegg
  • Skooli
  • TutorMe

Wyzant is a service that connects struggling students with qualified tutors. You simply answer a few questions and the site gives you a list of available tutors along with their experience, hours spent tutoring a specific subject, and hourly rate. With Wyzant, you can get tutoring online or schedule an in-person session.

Wyzant is free to join and search tutors. You only pay when you use a tutor. Payment includes the tutor’s hourly rate as well as a service fee. While some tutors are relatively inexpensive, others, especially those dealing with specific or advanced subjects can be quite pricey. Of course, you choose the tutor you want based on your price point and other desired qualifications.

If you’re searching for tutor, there are other options. Here are some alternatives to Wyzant you might want to consider:

1. Chegg

If you’re looking for short online tutoring sessions anytime of the day or night, Chegg Tutor may be a good option. Simply type in the subject giving you issues and when you want assistance (ASAP or sometime today). Chegg then matches you with available tutors.

Once you choose your tutor, the lesson begins. Tutors work with virtual whiteboards, texts, or code editors. In addition, you can chat via text, audio, or video.

Depending on your needs, Chegg can be a very affordable option. For example, if you need a half hour of help getting through a difficult assignment or project, a $15 weekly plan gives you 30 minutes of tutoring. You can cancel anytime. If you need more extensive tutoring, weekly and monthly plans are available. There is even a pay as you go plan costing 75 cents a minute with no additional charges.

If you’re cramming session hits a halt at 1 in the morning and you need additional help for a relatively low cost, Chegg may be a great alternative.

2. Skooli

If you’re looking for a tutor with better credentials and, at the very least, a complete college education, Skooli may be the answer. Tutors need their credentials validated before they start working for Skooli. As a result, you can gain access to professionals, educators, and those in graduate or higher programs. This means you have the security of knowing those helping you actually know what they are talking about.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to Skooli’s strict standards. There are less tutors available compared to other sites, so their availability may not be exactly when you want it. In addition, you will pay more for their services. But Skooli’s pay as you go billing only charges you for the time you actually need. At 82 cents a minute, you can gain access to an experienced educator as long as you need him or her. No weekly or monthly subscriptions or extra charges.

While you can get help with elementary, middle, or high school education, Skooli may be better suited for college students who can’t seem to understand a difficult course.

3. TutorMe

If you’re looking for another tutoring option offering instant help, TutorMe may be the answer. While the tutors aren’t required to have advanced degrees or teacher certifications, some subjects may not need these high-level tutors. That’s not to say there aren’t certified teachers or graduate students available, it’s just not the standard.

TutorMe is strictly online tutoring with each session monitored ensuring a student’s security. Monthly plans range from $39 for one hour’s worth of on-demand help all the way up to $119 for four hours. In addition, you can choose a pay-as-you-go plan for a dollar a minute.

One drawback of TutorMe is you are automatically connected with a tutor instead of being able to choose one you feel best suits your needs. Of course, the platform does it’s best to pair you with the most appropriate available tutor. 

Top Wyzant Alternatives

Alternative RankingWyzant Alternative
#1 Wyzant AlternativeChegg
#2 Wyzant AlternativeSkooli
#3 Wyzant AlternativeTutorMe

Wyzant Alternative Comparisons

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