If you are like most students, you’ve probably had some subjects you just didn’t get. Even while spending long hours trying to understand the material, you knew you needed extra help. Many individuals struggling with academics find tutoring a helpful resource to finally understand difficult subjects. The one-on-one sessions give a much more individualized approach to learning you just can’t find in a regular classroom setting.

Of course, finding a qualified tutor that can fit around your busy schedule can be hard. This is especially true, if you are like most students, when you are strapped for cash. Wyzant wants to make your search for an online tutor much easier. Their online platform connects you with 80,000+ qualified tutors covering over three hundred subjects. Best of all, finding a tutor won’t cost you anything. You just have to pay the tutor’s predetermined hourly rates and any other agreed upon expenses.

As an added convenience, you could schedule online tutoring sessions via their web-based platform or meet with your tutor in person.

Sounds great? Let’s see what others are saying about the service.

What People Like About Wyzant

Several individuals posted favorable reviews after finding a tutor on Wyzant. From those who needed a couple sessions to others needing extensive help, many found a tutor that was both helpful and respectful. In fact, individuals were even thrilled to find a tutor very quickly to help with any immediate academic issues.

Many people also like the process of finding a tutor. By answering a few questions, such as subject, grade level, type of tutoring, etc., you can find relevant search results easily. Since the tutor’s rates and credentials are clearly posted, you have a pretty good idea what you’re getting before you even contact the tutor. For example, the online platform clearly shows how many total hours the instructor spent tutoring on Wyzant along with how many hours they tutored your desired subject.

Wyzant also has Good Fit Guarantee that protects your first hour with a new tutor. If you are not satisfied with the tutoring experience, you can request a refund.

What Could Be Improved

Since Wyzant is a network of freelance tutors, some people had bad experiences with the individual tutor they chose. Sometimes it was personality differences or issues with the way a person helped teach the subject. While rare, some users of Wyzant felt their tutor was not fit to teach the particular subject. While these experiences are not the norm, it is certainly something you should be aware of. Each tutor does have to pass proficiency tests to prove they are qualified to teach the subjects they claim to know.

Some complained Wyzant charged a 9-percent service fee along with the tutor’s hourly rate. While this may seem a little steep to some, the extra money may be worth the convenience of easily finding a qualified tutor.

Since Wyzant can connect you with a face-to-face tutor, some feel more should be done to ensure safety. As with meeting anyone for the first time, you should always do it in a safe, public place.

Some users complained that Wyzant retains 25% of the tutor’s hourly rate. This causes some tutors will bump up their rates significantly to make up for Wyzant’s cut. If these concern you, take a look at some Wyzant alternatives.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an easy way to find an online or in-person tutor, Wyzant is a great option. There are thousands of tutors to choose from, so you can find one that specializes in your particular subject with a price point you can afford.

The search process is easy. Just answer a few simple questions and you instantly have access to several qualified candidates. In fact, you just might find the one that will help you finally overcome your academic struggles.